850 x 610 mm, Jet Print Light / Pantone: orange 021C, 100 % high twist nylon, Polyamid 6.6 - 100% Nitrile rubber

Printed carpets & doormats

23rd June 2021

Kids sizes /XL 25 pcs., 2XL 25 pcs./, Adult sizes / S 100 pcs., M 125 pcs., L 125 pcs., XL 75 pcs., XXL 25 pcs./, Acid Yellow 150 g/m², 100% combed cotton, two color print  (ASM logo) on chest, individual packaging

T-shirts and polo shirts

8th June 2021

80x200 mm /WxH/, 115 GSM POLYESTER TEXTILE, 3 cm Dia. pocket on upper 80 cm side, reinforced left side with 3 carabine hooks, sewing

Pole flags

20th April 2021

200 x 300 cm, 210 gsm white polyester textile, CMYK, Sub Inks, after 50 cm on all sides, cut to size, sewed hems

Textile banners

15th April 2021

adult universal, black cotton/polyester mix, 1 and 2 colour colour logo one side

Face masks

24th March 2021

L size 0.9x4 m+base, SUB inks, polyester flag textile

Beach flags

24th February 2021

ASM jacket

Pullovers, Sweat jackets and pants

6th February 2021

FISH CANDY bandanas


19th November 2020

Oilers jerseys

Hockey jersey

5th March 2020

Planetvakst frameless wall

Textile Promo walls

16th January 2020