Ø 3 cm, PP foil with laminate and acrylic glue, digital, CMYK, each rolls contains 1000 stickers

PVC stickers on roll

17th June 2021

40 x 30 mm. white PVC foil + dome gel, 4+0

Doming stickers

10th June 2021

28.5 x 13 cm, monomeric yellow PVC foil 640-21 /permanent/, silk - screen print 1 color, packed in bags per 50 pcs each

PVC stickers

14th May 2021

A4, self adhesiv paper, 4+0, cutting top layer - pictures and animals, cutting with a straight knife, contour cut

Paper stickers

10th May 2021

Ø 40 mm, self-adhesive paper, 4+0 digital, per 250 pcs. on roll, packaging

Paper stickers on roll

18th February 2021

One-way vision foil, printed 1440 x 1440 dpi eco solvent inks

One way vision foil

28th April 2015

Cast foils

Car stickers

29th December 2014