80 mm diameter, monomeric PVC foil glossy, CMYK, eco-solvent inks, delivered on sheets, packaging

PVC stickers

13th July 2022

27 x 20 x 5 cm /W x H x D/, 10 mm transparent acryl, blue and white print, base, packaging

Acrylic awards

12th July 2022

6 x 0.85 m, 450 gr vinyl, 1+0

PVC banners

9th June 2022

113 x 40 cm, 19 mm foamed PVC, Ablegøy logo, coated to RAL 368 and rails, powder coated to RAL 7035, Ablegøy logo attached to the rails, 50 cm from the ceiling, packaging

PVC signs

23rd May 2022

EMA GROUP acrylic sign

Acrylic signs & logos

13th May 2022

1 x 2 m, aluminum base and stand + PP banner, CMYK, eco-solvent inks, carry bag, packaging

Roll Up banner stand

9th May 2022

48 mm x 54 m, white PVC, 1 colour/ black

Packaging tape

9th May 2022

121 x 81 x 14 cm, white 450 gsm PVC scrim banner, Solvent print one side, sewed edges, packaging

Pallet covers

2nd May 2022

L 200 x H 100 cm, 300 gsm PVC mesh, 100% printed one side, eyelets every 50 cm on all sides, reinforced hems, packaging

PVC mesh banners

11th April 2022

520 x 110 mm /narrow slat of 20 mm (Standard), one color screen print, black PVC, packaging

License Plates and Frames

5th April 2022