80 cm. diameter, Face: Opal acryl with taped foil for the letters, Sides: Powder coated sides, Frontside illuminated, LED diodes, 1m power cable, assembly, packaging

LED signs

30th August 2021

50 x 50 mm, monomer transparent foil with mirror print + monomer white foil with white back + monomer white foil with print, 4+4, cut to size, packaging

PVC stickers

19th August 2021


Pallet covers

29th July 2021

160 x 270 x 80 mm /250 g capacity/, matt PET12/ AL8/ PE100u; white matt, both sides, zip lock, valve

Zipper Bags

23rd June 2021

90 x 65 mm, 0.76 mm white PVC, 1+1, hole, packaging

Neck key hanger PVC cards

7th June 2021

520 x 110 mm, 1 color, PVC

License Plates and Frames

25th May 2021

27 x 20 x 5 cm /W x H x D/, 10 mm transparent acryl, blue and white print, base

Acrylic awards

11th May 2021

50 mm x 66 m, PVC, 1 colour

Packaging tape

11th May 2021

450x600+50/WxL+Flap/ and 400x530+50/WxL+Flap/, 50 mict. white /black inside LDPE foil/, Black logo in center of one side /approx. 30x20cm and 20x15cm/, 12 mm permanent stripe for closing

Plastic mailing bags

13th April 2021

KIA tire markers

Tire markers

5th March 2021