80x200 mm /WxH/, 115 GSM POLYESTER TEXTILE, 3 cm Dia. pocket on upper 80 cm side, reinforced left side with 3 carabine hooks, sewing

Pole flags

20th April 2021

200 x 300 cm, 210 gsm white polyester textile, CMYK, Sub Inks, after 50 cm on all sides, cut to size, sewed hems

Textile banners

15th April 2021

adult universal, black cotton/polyester mix, 1 and 2 colour colour logo one side

Face masks

24th March 2021

85 x 120, 85 x 150 and 110 x 85 cm, jet print, 100%High Twist Nylon (HTN), Polyamide 6.6, approx. 6 mm., 100% Nitrile Rubber

Printed carpets & doormats

8th March 2021

L size 0.9x4 m+base, SUB inks, polyester flag textile

Beach flags

24th February 2021

ASM jacket

Pullovers, Sweat jackets and pants

6th February 2021

ASM polo shirt

T-shirts and polo shirts

5th February 2021

FISH CANDY bandanas


19th November 2020

Oilers jerseys

Hockey jersey

5th March 2020

Planetvakst frameless wall

Textile Promo walls

16th January 2020