Planetvakst frameless wall

Textile Promo walls

16th January 2020


T-shirts and polo shirts

26th November 2019

MACRON feather banner

Textile banners

22nd October 2019

Radio Rock blind


15th October 2019

Foraas pole flag

Pole flags

30th September 2019

ISEVEIEN pennants

Promotional vimpels and pennants

9th September 2019

Sophies Minde textile labels

Textile labels

8th August 2019

100% Monofilament PA 6 / 100% Nitrile rubber, specifically developed for outdoor use; durable nylon grass effect surface;
non-slip backing; UV light-resistant.
Size: 1.2 x 5.7 m

Printed carpets & doormats

28th June 2019

125 gsm polyester textile, SUB printed, reinforced tunnel
Size: 330 x 80 cm

Beach flags

25th June 2019

100% polyester waterproof textile, 4 colors printed; eight-sector foldable construction + aluminum pole; metal cross base.
Size: 240 cm diameter


24th June 2019