Pop Up banner

Textile banners

2nd October 2019

Foraas pole flag

Pole flags

30th September 2019

ASM t-shirt

T-shirts and polo shirts

25th September 2019

ISEVEIEN pennants

Promotional vimpels and pennants

9th September 2019

Sophies Minde textile labels

Textile labels

8th August 2019

100% Monofilament PA 6 / 100% Nitrile rubber, specifically developed for outdoor use; durable nylon grass effect surface;
non-slip backing; UV light-resistant.
Size: 1.2 x 5.7 m

Printed carpets & doormats

28th June 2019

125 gsm polyester textile, SUB printed, reinforced tunnel
Size: 330 x 80 cm

Beach flags

25th June 2019

100% polyester waterproof textile, 4 colors printed; eight-sector foldable construction + aluminum pole; metal cross base.
Size: 240 cm diameter


24th June 2019

110 gsm polyester flags 20 x 30 cm, SUB printed, 50 pcs., sewed on 15 m flat textile string

Flag lines

6th June 2019

100% polyester textile, sublimation printed

Hockey jersey

15th April 2019