White foil + doming gel, printed CMYK.
Size: 78 x 63.5 mm

Doming stickers

16th February 2018

PVC foil /3 layers - transparent, white with print and black/, printed 1440 dpi eco-solvent inks
Size: 32 x 55 mm

PVC stickers

4th January 2018

Self-adhesive paper, printed 1 + 0 CMYK, delivered on A4 sheets /10 pcs. per sheet/

Paper stickers

30th November 2017

PVC monomeric foil, printed 1440x1440 dpi + lamination, contour cut to size 3x5 cm, 100 stickers on each roll

PVC stickers on roll

21st August 2015

One-way vision foil, printed 1440 x 1440 dpi eco solvent inks

One way vision foil

28th April 2015

Cast foils

Car stickers

29th December 2014