8 mm transparent acryl, pasted with printed 3M foil on the pack, laser cut
Size: 22 x 10 cm

Acrylic signs & logos

30th January 2018

2 mm white foamed PVC, 1 color silk-screen printed, holes in each corner
Size: 15 x 16 cm

PVC signs

12th October 2017

aluminium sides and opal acrylic face, pasted with printed monomeric PVC foil.
Size: 18 x 20 cm

Metal + acrylic logo

8th September 2017

12 mm foamed PVC letters glued on 10 mm transparent acrylic plate, 6 holders, size 175 x 40 cm

PVC letters + acrylic plate

5th February 2016

19 mm foamed PVC painted on 3 sides, contour cut elements

PVC letters/logos

12th November 2015

Head: 10 mm thick clear acrylic; Base: 10 mm thick acrylic matt, entgraved on the back

Acrylic awards

7th September 2015

Oilers figure

PVC figures

30th December 2014