0.5 mm aluminum, 2 color silk-screen printed.
Size: 70 x 30 mm

Aluminium signs

3rd October 2018

3 mm ACP, directly printed; hole in each corner.
Size: 45 x 28 cm

ACP signs

12th April 2018

2 mm brushes stainless steel, 5 cm spikes on the back of each letter.
 Size: 1300 x 400 mm

Stainless steel signs

23rd March 2018

aluminium sides and opal acrylic face, pasted with printed monomeric PVC foil.
Size: 18 x 20 cm

Metal + acrylic logo

8th September 2017

Artificially aged brass with engraved numbers, 2 holes.

Brass signs

22nd August 2016

Aluminum frame with info sign

Aluminium Info signs

19th January 2015

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Aluminium A-board with snap frame

2nd January 2015