Luxury paper bags

12th October 2021

61 x 90 x 27 mm, white PLA /FDM technology/

3D Printed Products

11th October 2021



8th October 2021


Various exclusive business cards

7th October 2021

Sticker 1: 40 x 40 mm, self-adhesive paper , 1 color /black/, delivered in rolls by 1000 stickers per roll, packaging, Sticker 2: 30 x 20 mm, self-adhesive paper, 1 color /black/, delivered in rolls by 1000 stickers per roll, packaging

Paper stickers on roll

29th September 2021

PopUp Wall: 2280x6096x480mm / 6.1 m /, aluminum frame, polyester textile cover, SUB inks /both sides/, carry bag, packaging,  PopUp Table: 830x1020x530mm, aluminum frame, polyester textile cover, SUB inks

Pop Up walls and tables

24th September 2021

XS - XXL, 75% cotton / 25% polyester, 320 gsm - black colour fabric, embroidered logo on the chest, laces, black front zipper, orange side zippers and orange inside hoodie, individual packaging in a polybag

Pullovers, Sweat jackets and pants

16th September 2021

100 x 60 cm (L x W), two sided, CMYK, 500 gsm PVC blockout, façade pole and façade connector - white color, flag cut to shape and sewed ready for use, packaging

Hand and wall flags

31st August 2021

80 cm. diameter, Face: Opal acryl with taped foil for the letters, Sides: Powder coated sides, Frontside illuminated, LED diodes, 1m power cable, assembly, packaging

LED signs

30th August 2021


2D Video

27th August 2021

adult /S - XXL/, 100% cotton, SUB patch, individual packaging


19th August 2021

adult /S - XXL/, 180 gsm combed cotton, DIRECT PRINT, individual packaging

T-shirts and polo shirts

19th August 2021

50 x 50 mm, monomer transparent foil with mirror print + monomer white foil with white back + monomer white foil with print, 4+4, cut to size, packaging

PVC stickers

19th August 2021


Pallet covers

29th July 2021

36 x 44 cm, 100% natural color cotton, 3 colours logo on one side /up to 600 sq. cm/, rope drawstring handles

Cotton bags

14th July 2021

Ø14 x 154 mm, white coated metal body, 2 color silk-screen printed logo in one position, container for disinfectant liquid


29th June 2021

A5, Zenit 295 gr, 90 gr. offset, 1+1/4+0 + one side mat laminate, spiral 21cm, packaging


25th June 2021

850 x 610 mm, Jet Print Light / Pantone: orange 021C, 100 % high twist nylon, Polyamid 6.6 - 100% Nitrile rubber

Printed carpets & doormats

23rd June 2021

160 x 270 x 80 mm /250 g capacity/, matt PET12/ AL8/ PE100u; white matt, both sides, zip lock, valve

Zipper Bags

23rd June 2021

330 ml, Ø 80 mm x h 95 mm, ceramic /white/, sublimation, printing

Coffee mugs

18th June 2021

Ø 3 cm, PP foil with laminate and acrylic glue, digital, CMYK, each rolls contains 1000 stickers

PVC stickers on roll

17th June 2021

40 x 30 mm. white PVC foil + dome gel, 4+0

Doming stickers

10th June 2021

90 x 65 mm, 0.76 mm white PVC, 1+1, hole, packaging

Neck key hanger PVC cards

7th June 2021

4 + 0 with personalization / consecutive numbers /, 130 gr. glossy paper / back about 240 g cardboard without seal, 160 pcs with 40 sheets.,staples, packaging, 15 x 7 cm


7th June 2021


Printed balloons

3rd June 2021

20 x 30 cm & 12 x 18 cm, 1 mm aluminium, 3+0 / white, black and blue/

Aluminium signs

31st May 2021

520 x 110 mm, 1 color, PVC

License Plates and Frames

25th May 2021

8 oz /240 ml/, white eco-cardboard, CMYK offset

Paper coffee cups

13th May 2021

246 x 167 x 43 mm /inner size/, 350 gsm GC1 cardboard, 4 + 4 on the base and 4 + 0 on the sleeve, matt laminate on outer side of base and sleeve, die-cutting, gluing, delivered disassembled

Product boxes

12th May 2021

27 x 20 x 5 cm /W x H x D/, 10 mm transparent acryl, blue and white print, base

Acrylic awards

11th May 2021

125 cm wide and 45 cm logo, 1.8 pine wood, contour cut

Wooden signs

11th May 2021

50 mm x 66 m, PVC, 1 colour

Packaging tape

11th May 2021

A4, self adhesiv paper, 4+0, cutting top layer - pictures and animals, cutting with a straight knife, contour cut

Paper stickers

10th May 2021

5 gr, 2 colours print, Raspberry flavor


23rd April 2021

130 x 60 mm, Velcro + 3 mm white EVA + Velcro stripe, background 2935 c with white Hotvedt logo, both side

Ski Straps

22nd April 2021

40 mm dia. /approx. 6-7 mm total thickness/, flexible PVC rubber. Solid colour two side convex version, standard chain, 25 mm dia, individually packed in a polybag

Key holders

22nd April 2021

Oak 18 mm, 30x17 mm, engraving 8 different names, yacht lacquer mat


21st April 2021

80x200 mm /WxH/, 115 GSM POLYESTER TEXTILE, 3 cm Dia. pocket on upper 80 cm side, reinforced left side with 3 carabine hooks, sewing

Pole flags

20th April 2021

200 x 300 cm, 210 gsm white polyester textile, CMYK, Sub Inks, after 50 cm on all sides, cut to size, sewed hems

Textile banners

15th April 2021

450x600+50/WxL+Flap/ and 400x530+50/WxL+Flap/, 50 mict. white /black inside LDPE foil/, Black logo in center of one side /approx. 30x20cm and 20x15cm/, 12 mm permanent stripe for closing

Plastic mailing bags

13th April 2021

100 ml, 250 gsm paper, fully printed, transparent lids

Ice-cream paper cups

1st April 2021

30 х 32.5 mm, 300 gsm. paper - glossy or semi-gloss + overprint, 4+4/500 different artworks with 150 pcs. of each, hole

Paper Tags

25th March 2021

4 mm thickness, Black ACP with white foil

ACP signs

24th March 2021

adult universal, black cotton/polyester mix, 1 and 2 colour colour logo one side

Face masks

24th March 2021

408 x 506 mm, Foam board 5 mm, 4+0 CMYK

Picture Frames

23rd March 2021

125 x 54 x 3,2 cm, sublimation print, wood and textile


16th March 2021

7 cm Dia, 1 mm. brass /old looking/, engraving

Brass signs

16th March 2021

100 x 130 mm, metalized self-adhesive paper, 4+0 CMYK, volume UV varnishing on all golden and silver elements, soft touch laminate, cut to shape

Bottle labels

5th March 2021

KIA tire markers

Tire markers

5th March 2021

L size 0.9x4 m+base, SUB inks, polyester flag textile

Beach flags

24th February 2021

86x54 mm, 0.76 mm white PVC, 4+4 cmyk, satin matt laminate on both sides, cut to size with rounded corners

Loyalty PVC cards

11th February 2021

Size: 284 x 105 mm, Media: 0.3 mm PP, Print: 1 color one side /two designs/, Finishing: cut to shape

Door hanger & No smoke pyramid

4th February 2021

AutoTech notepads

Notepads / Writing blocks

2nd February 2021

Size: A4, Media: white 200 mic. PP, Print: 1440 dpi one side, Finishing, cut to size

PVC labels

26th January 2021

90 gsm white kraft paper, 1 color printed on both sides.
Size: 23 x 33 x 10 cm

Bakery bags

19th January 2021

DAVVIN gift cards

Gift cards

15th January 2021

ASICO Foamed PVC signs

PVC signs

6th January 2021

Hagemobler pvc banner

PVC banners

22nd December 2020

VALENTINLYST reflective bracelets

Reflective bracelets

15th December 2020

Birds beer pads

Beer pads

4th December 2020

Assist mini jerseys

Mini jerseys

2nd December 2020

Verifone kraft bags

Kraft paper bags

2nd December 2020

Assist Ice scrapers

Ice Scrapers

25th November 2020

FISH CANDY bandanas


19th November 2020



10th November 2020


Traffic Cone and Cone Topper

9th November 2020

NARDO BIL mouse pads


9th November 2020

Williamskilte umbrellas


6th November 2020

FAGSKOLEN school bags

Sport bags

4th November 2020

APCOA parking protectors

Vinyl covers & protectors

23rd October 2020

Hagemobler mesh banner

PVC mesh banners

15th October 2020

Hold avstand pins


15th October 2020

BERGEN greaseproof paper

Grease proof paper sheets

7th October 2020

ISEVEIEN car catalogue


5th August 2020

Assist Neon sign

Neon Signs

20th July 2020


Aluminium Frameless System

20th July 2020

STENI sample folder

Document folders

15th June 2020

100% stainless steel dispenser with 4L build-in tank, nozzle protector and anti-slippery pedal.
Size: 10 x 10 x 100 cm /W x D x H/

“The Penguin” sanitizing dispenser

9th June 2020

LaSanta puzzle


27th May 2020

IMS steel labels

Steel labels

18th May 2020