ASM Terms & Conditions leaflets


7th January 2021

ASICO Foamed PVC signs

PVC signs

6th January 2021

TOTAL BYGG face masks

Face masks

6th January 2021

GULV & TAK business cards

Various exclusive business cards

6th January 2021

Hagemobler pvc banner

PVC banners

22nd December 2020

FISH CANDY key holders

Key holders

21st December 2020

FAVN tyvek bags

Shopping bags

17th December 2020

VALENTINLYST reflective bracelets

Reflective bracelets

15th December 2020

Birds beer pads

Beer pads

4th December 2020

KAIZEN pole flags

Pole flags

3rd December 2020

Assist mini jerseys

Mini jerseys

2nd December 2020

Synfaring stickers on roll

PVC stickers on roll

2nd December 2020

Verifone kraft bags

Kraft paper bags

2nd December 2020

Kiropraktik gift cards

Gift cards

30th November 2020

FRITIDSGARDEN doming stickers

Doming stickers

27th November 2020

Assist Ice scrapers

Ice Scrapers

25th November 2020

FISH CANDY bandanas


19th November 2020

Myhre Skilt packaging tape

Packaging tape

17th November 2020



13th November 2020


Printed carpets & doormats

12th November 2020

iMove PVC stickers

PVC stickers

11th November 2020



10th November 2020


Traffic Cone and Cone Topper

9th November 2020

NARDO BIL mouse pads


9th November 2020

Happy Homes plastic bags

Plastic mailing bags

8th November 2020

KIME sign

LED signs

7th November 2020

Williamskilte umbrellas


6th November 2020

FAGSKOLEN school bags

Sport bags

4th November 2020

APCOA parking protectors

Vinyl covers & protectors

23rd October 2020

Hagemobler mesh banner

PVC mesh banners

15th October 2020

Hold avstand pins


15th October 2020

Boots Apotek balloons

Printed balloons

15th October 2020

diluvium vinyl labels

PVC labels

9th October 2020

BERGEN greaseproof paper

Grease proof paper sheets

7th October 2020

Foraas aluminum signs

Aluminium signs

14th September 2020

Olen Betong popup banner

Textile banners

5th August 2020

ISEVEIEN car catalogue


5th August 2020

ASM hats


2nd August 2020

Icons Creating Evil Art T-shirt

T-shirts and polo shirts

30th July 2020

Assist Neon sign

Neon Signs

20th July 2020


Aluminium Frameless System

20th July 2020

Assist beach flag

Beach flags

24th June 2020

MADSHUS paper cups

Paper coffee cups

19th June 2020

STENI sample folder

Document folders

15th June 2020

100% stainless steel dispenser with 4L build-in tank, nozzle protector and anti-slippery pedal.
Size: 10 x 10 x 100 cm /W x D x H/

“The Penguin” sanitizing dispenser

9th June 2020

LaSanta puzzle


27th May 2020

BioCare paper bags

Luxury paper bags

22nd May 2020

IMS steel labels

Steel labels

18th May 2020

SUMMER VIBES wrapping paper

Wrapping paper

7th May 2020

Lauritz Bar Menu


7th May 2020

Cut Wrap product box

Product boxes

22nd April 2020


POS materials

3rd April 2020

Apent pizza boxes

Pizza boxes

12th March 2020

Vinyl pallet covers

Pallet covers

9th March 2020

Oilers jerseys

Hockey jersey

5th March 2020

SYNFARING metal+acryl signs

Metal + acrylic logo

25th February 2020

SalmonEye ski straps

Ski Straps

31st January 2020

Wooden award


31st January 2020

Yard sign

Yard Signs

30th January 2020

Planetvakst frameless wall

Textile Promo walls

16th January 2020

Byggtorget notebooks

Notepads / Writing blocks

16th January 2020


Promotional vimpels and pennants

9th January 2020

Sophie Minde textile labels

Textile labels

10th December 2019

Play Cards

Play Cards

29th November 2019

Industri-Hydraulikk DAB radios


29th November 2019

Hunsfos Brewery beer boxes

Beer boxes

25th November 2019

Wine sets

Wine sets

12th November 2019

Radio Rock blind


15th October 2019

HAGER truck side curtain

Truck side curtains

3rd October 2019

MACKMYRA kraft bags

Bakery bags

2nd October 2019

PHONAK post it notes

Post-it notes

16th September 2019

Akershus pvc cards

Neck key hanger PVC cards

12th September 2019


Loyalty PVC cards

12th September 2019

Foraas sport bottle


11th September 2019

Intersign Norge foldable cups

Foldable cups

7th August 2019

EASY match boxes

Match boxes

25th July 2019

Stainless steel + plastic coated surface, 1 color pad printed.
Size: 18 x 4 x 0.2 cm

Stylish openers stainless steel

25th July 2019

EASY serving trays


25th July 2019

115 gsm polyester textile, SUB printed, pocket on left side + pole Ø3 x 110 cm, sewed hems.
Size: 100 x 70 cm

Hand flags

16th July 2019

Pink PVC, 1 color printed logo.
Size: 260 mm diameter


25th June 2019